Egg Chiller + Extra Base Tray



Egg Chiller set and one extra stackable base tray includes one lid, two stackable base trays, two insulating silicone rubber liners and three plugs.

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Product Description

One set – Which includes one lid, one base tray, one silicone rubber insulating mat and 2 plugs.

Plus - One additional base tray with plug and silicone rubber insulating mat

The Egg Chiller will maintain raw shelled eggs under 45 degrees and limit any initial bacterial growth present on eggs. Limiting bacterial count on raw shelled eggs is critical as the higher the bacterial load, the more likely the egg is to cause foodborne illness.

Benefits of the Egg Chiller:

  • Maintains raw shelled eggs under 45 degrees in a safe, convenient, and accessible manner.
  • Saves time (setting up of ice bins) and ice, and are reusable.
  • Reusable, durable, compact, stackable, and will eliminate the need for constant egg retrieval from refrigerators.
  • High level of health and safety practices by providing safer temperature controlled raw shelled eggs.

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