Why Us

The Egg Chiller is designed to keep raw shell eggs cold, be convenient to busy chefs, and limit the potential for food borne illness from soft cooked eggs. The Egg Chiller facilitates the proper holding temperature for raw shell eggs in a unique and easy chiller tray positioned conveniently on the counter top next to your work area. No more ice bath set-ups, no more endless bending to retrieve the eggs you need from the cooler.

State food laws require raw shell eggs to be maintained at or below 45 degrees F. During busy breakfast rushes it is common for food facility operations to store raw shell eggs on their countertop, with no temperature control or stored in messy, melting ice baths. The Egg Chiller solves the problem of temperature control. It keeps eggs cool and limits potential bacterial growth. Pictures on the left show how bacteria grow when they are not kept cool. As shown, even an initial load of only 2 bacteria in one raw shell egg can result in 512 bacteria if left in the danger zone (45-135 degrees F) for as little as 140 minutes.

During rush periods and according to customer preferences, eggs may only be partially cooked (sunny side up) resulting in the potential of serving live illness-causing bacteria to the customer. Since your customer’s health and the reputation of your business are important, it is a priority to serve safe food. Limiting and minimizing bacterial growth is vital to your business success. Ensuring that bacteria do not multiply in raw shell eggs is critical because the higher the bacterial load, the more likely the egg may cause foodborne illness. By keeping your eggs under 45 degrees F, the Egg Chiller limits the growth of bacteria already present in the eggs, keeping your customers and business safe.

Benefits of the Egg Chiller:

* Maintains raw shell eggs under 45 degrees F in an easy, safe, efficient, and accessible manner

* Saves time and money because the Egg Chiller is reusable

* Durable construction, compact, stackable, dishwasher safe

* Convenient, eliminating the need for constant egg retrieval from refrigerators

* Safeguards your customer’s health and your business’ wealth

* Meets State law for holding raw shell eggs temperature at or below 45 degrees